Woody-esque Humor and a Tip

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I've subscribed to The Code Project Daily Developer News email newsletter for a few years. Sure, it's a convenient way to get insightful pointers to important and helpful tech news and opinion. But the real reason I am addicted is that the editorial staff who slug the quick-link references could easily be on the writer staffs of Letterman, Leno, or O’Brien… that is, if really funny-but-insightful short jokes about esoteric developer news stories were funny to mainstream audiences. But for those who like to think and laugh in cubicle or out, TCP’s Daily Developer News is highly recommended.

I usually start each day with a cup of coffee and read through the day's Daily Developer News for a few laughs and always find myself being pulled over to a good read that helps me keep learning and enjoying the work I do. Today's collection included one that reminded me of Woody and our great "fishing expeditions" (See this post about Smalltalk, RTP, and Woody.) The form of an entry in the News is: Line 1. Headline (linked to referenced story), Line 2. Humorously insightful editorial slug (subhead), Line 3. Source citation. Here’s the one that gave me a Woody laugh this morning:

The Truth About Value Types

Lies, damn lies, and type systems.
Source: Fabulous Adventures In Coding

Long live Woody Ideas and the folks who worked together on it! :-)

P.S. For context, here's a link to the full Daily Developer News with this entry. (There is also a link in the upper left sidebar to subscribe if you'd like a daily dose of chuckles to go along with your deep thinking.)