Neo4jCP - Exploratory Learning/Development Utility for Neo4j

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Neo4jCP Main Window

Neo4jCP is a compact and convenient Control Panel for managing Neo4j databases and controlling a Neo4j Server Service. It runs as a tray icon utility under Windows OS. An executable is provided for those who just want to use it. Source for the Autohotkey script is provided.

Features: You may start, stop, and restart the Neo4j Server Service from Neo4jCP as well as create, clone/copy, back-up, delete, and quickly switch between any databases available in your Neo4j 'data' storage folder/path.

Intended Use: Neo4j Control Panel is a lightweight, convenient utility primarily for PERSONAL use by individuals running Neo4j locally on a Windows machine for learning and development purposes. It is especially designed for 'learning by doing' using the many available sample databases referenced in Neo4j learning materials such as: (This is NOT a Control Panel intended for use by professional DBAs or sysadmins needing an admin tool for deployed Neo4j systems.)

Current State: "I've scratched my itch." This utility was developed initially to help me during personal learning of Neo4j. Its emphasis is on quickly and easily switching among, adding, cloning/copying, and backing up multiple databases. This utility has not been tested on anything other than my personal development box which is Windows 7 x64. YMMV.

Learn more and access the repository for downloads and more at