We Got Knocked Down. But We're Getting Back Up Again!

UPDATE Jan. 2021 - This site is out of date and does not reflect our current activities etc. We have essentially reinvented ourselves as Citizen Scientists in the Digital Humanities domain. We no longer live in Iowa. We can be found on Twitter, Researchgate.net, LinkedIn, etc.

Over the last three nine years, both of us have suffered and beat (so far!) stage 4 cancer. Fortunately, Timlynn's battle was not nearly as long nor did it knock her down as low as mine did me. But her battle was the "two" of a devastating "one, two" punch that has sidelined our activities on every dimension and re-prioritized all levels of our lives. Happily, we're now – as Chumbawamba recommends – getting back up after being knocked down further than we ever imagined possible.

Happy-Healthy Vibes to All,
--Jim and Timlynn--
Colorado, USA