How SQLyog Shaped My Daily Workflow

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SQLyog's cute logo

Over the years since leaving the Corporate Road Warrior life, I have used and come to depend on the brilliant MySQL admin app, SQLyog by the good folks at Webyog. SQLyog is one of those rare apps that didn't so much as fill a tool spec in my web development toolkit, it found its way in and has grown into a must-have and can't-imagine-working-without tool. SQLyog has quite literally played a significant role in shaping how I work.

So when the good folks at Webyog announced a contest to solicit customer testimonials, I had new incentive to take some time to do the screencast testimonial I have always intended to do.

Please take a moment and view my (first YouTube) video... it's 720p/HD, so go full screen if you can :-)

[More to come...]