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Local Food Systems Simulation Modeling and Exploratory Learning is home to Sohodojo's applied research on Agent-based Computational Economics modeling of local food systems and ACE-based exploratory learning environments to encourage folks to 'Buy Local!'

Rotator Spotlight on Sohodojo R&D

Sohodojo BIG Ideasfor Microenterprise and Small Business Networks

Our applied R&D lab at explores new business models and develops information systems to support solo and family-based small business networks and their associated alternative ("Who," "How," and "Why") markets.

Rotator Spotlight on Model-driven Design

Model-driven Design Not Just HTML + PHP

Your website is an embodiment and amplifier of your business. Too many websites are built as... well, websites... like 'site design' is more important than understanding your business. We make sure we know you and your business before we design your site.

Your website is an embodiment and amplifier of your business. Model-driven design ensures we understand you and your business before we build your website...


Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky bring unique tech, management, training, and mentoring skills and experience to your team.


Drupal, Ubercart, and our Fill the Gaps Secret Sauce are blended into the ideal solution for your small business network or alternative market.


Creativity and a competitive spirit can level the playing field for small business and rural/'edge' communities as we make our place in a global economy.

We Got Knocked Down. But We're Getting Back Up Again!

Over the last three years, both of us have suffered and beat (so far!) stage 4 cancer. Fortunately, Timlynn's battle was not nearly as long nor did it knock her down as low as mine did me. But her battle was the "two" of a devastating "one, two" punch that has sidelined our activities on every dimension and re-prioritized all levels of our lives. Happily, we're now – as Chumbawamba recommends – getting back up after being knocked down further than we ever imagined possible.

So, pardon us as we re-enter the world. Much of what is visible here at the moment is a time capsule snapshot of who we were and what we were working on before cancer struck. We'll retire much of this dated stuff as we refresh our on-line presence to reflect our complete focus on our two inter-related #Play2Learn projects; FactMiners and The Softalk Apple Project.

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